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Mergers and acquisitions are aspects of business strategy dealing with selling, acquiring and combining separate companies in the objective of making growth within an existing market or a new market without starting from the bottom.

Reasons why business owners sell their businesses:

  • They no longer enjoy the business and lost interests.
  • Business has become a burden due to declining revenue and severe financial losses.
  • They work on too many projects with limited resources and spread too thinly in various scenarios.
  • They need capital for various ventures.
  • They lack expertise in the business that is needed for higher growth.
  • They are tired of risks.

Reasons why business owners buy other businesses:

  • It is a faster and easier way of business growth.
  • They buy other companies for their patents.
  • They seek for their dominance in certain market and technology.
  • It is an effective way to cut costs.
  • They can have purchase negotiation advantage.
  • It is easier to borrow money and enter into financing.


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